Word Processor based on TN encoding

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 31 15:06:59 UTC 2000

For the benefit of the readers of the Indology list, especially those
producing fonts, I reproduce below recent information that I have received
on Tamil softwares.


Kamban Softwares, Australia & Singapore has announced release of their
latest Tamil Word Processor Kamban (kampan ezuttOlai), version 3.0 with
the following features:

- Tamil/English Menus and Interfaces
- facile full typing of bilingual (Tamil/roman) text with formatting
- based on New Tamilnadu Govt Tamilnet99 standard TAB, TAM encoding
   and also classical Tamil typewriter encoding
    (incl. 11 TAM, 4 TAB, 10 typewriter encoding based fonts)
- multiple keyboard input options: Kamban, Tamilnadu recommended
     phonetic and typewriter keyboard based input
- spellcheck, find/replace options in English and Tamil
- user-editable dictionary in Tamil
- multiple save formats including HTML, TAB & TSCII,
    the latter two for sending Email
- 280 color clip arts of gods, goddesses and traditional symbols
- Tamil etexts (thirukuRaL, Bharathiyar & Bharathidasan songs)
- Tamil greeting cards

This 32-bit based software works only on Windows 95, 98, NT and
2000 OS and not on early Windows 3.x (nor OS/2 nor Unix nor Mac) !

A complete re-haul of previous releases, this program is completely
written in Visual C++ to provide speed and enhanced performance.

Price: US$38 (28$ + 10$ freight) for single user.

For more details visit Kamban website  <http://www.kamban.com.au>
or contact author Mr. V. Vasudevan srin- at kamban.com.au at Sydney
or Vendor at Singapore  lakshma- at cyberway.com.sg.

Non-profitable Organisations, Orphanages and Community Schools
can obtain a free copy of the software by writing to the author.

FREEWARES from Kamban Softwares
If you are interested in a simple editor FREEWARE based on Tamilnadu
Govt Bilingual encoding TAB,  see: http://www.kamban.com.au/prodTBE.htm

For simple TSCII based E-mail application, TMAIL, also a FREEWARE
see: http://www.kamban.com.au/prodTMail.htm
Recent TMAIL+ Beta release provide multiple keyboard layout
(incl. Mylai) for text input and Spell check in English and Tamil.

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