tech. question, Mac OS 8.6

Timothy C. Cahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Fri Mar 31 03:44:31 UTC 2000

Dear Mac+Indologists,

   The greeting shows my problem. I hit hyphen, it types plus. In an
effort to retain my beloved keyboard layout (US sys. 6, a.k.a. Old US) I
copied the keyboard icon out of my neighbors Mac (sys. 7.5.x) and floppied
it over to my new Mac G+4. Upon depositing it into my sys. folder, it
prompted me to put it in the control panel folder. Yes. Then it asks me if
I want to keep the new keyboard in place of the one thats there. Yes. Now
I not only have no Indic diacritics, but the regular keyboard has gone
awry. (No apostrophe by the way, it just barks at me.) It appears that all
upper ASCII code characters are rearranged or do not produce any character
at all. Any advice would be appreciated.

Tim Cahill

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