Comparative linguistics

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at GMX.LI
Wed Mar 29 19:36:33 UTC 2000

Am 28 Mar 00, um 11:12 schrieb Sam Garg:

> In principle, our views are startlingly alike.  I am therefore
> confident that you will join me in requesting the name of this list
> be changed to "Speculations in Indology - A philological
> perspective".  I respectfully submit this title change will bring
> about two key benefits:
> 1) more accurately reflect the nature of this list
> 2) sharply reduce the number of 'non-specialists' that subscribe
> to/ clutter this list
> warmest regards,
> Sanjay Garg

Would this help against the practical jokers who join this originally
scholarly list to politely waste the time of those for whom the study
of Indian culture is not a joke or mere hobby?

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos
the Netherlands

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