P.V.Kane's HDS in abridged form

Axel Michaels axel.michaels at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
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Why an abridged version of what is supposed to be a kind of compendium or English nibandha?
There are shorter publications on sections of the material Kane has collected, e.g. Pandey´s
Hindu Samskaras, Derrett´s fasc. in the History of Ind. Lit., Altekar and Sternbachs bibl. on
Arthasastra, Altekar on education, etc. - not to speak about the topics of Kane´s vol. IV-V
(karma, pilgrimage, tapas, vratas and utsavas etc.) Moreover, there are extensive indices in
each volume, but an Index of these indices would be practically helpful.

Best regards, Axel Michaels

Mikael Aktor schrieb:

> The idea of an abridged version of HDhS is of course to make Kane's work more accessible.
> Lingat's book (if we are talking about _The Classical Law of India_) is not a systematic
> abridgement of HDhS. Only the first part, which is a history of the literature, could be
> seen as an abridgement of Kane's vol.1, while the other part only treats a few selected
> dharmasastra subjects.
> Another help would be to publish a detailed, systematic index to HDhS. Partly, this has
> already been done in: Krishan Lal Khera, _Index to History of Dharmasastra by Pandurang
> Vaman Kane_, Munshiram Manoharlal, 1997, which, however limits itself to the subject of
> purification (big enough!). The first part of the index is thematic while the second is
> arranged according to textual source. All in all it comes to 282 pages.
> An abridged HDhS would be a help if it is done very systematically (like a one-volume
> encyclopedia with references to the complete work for instance). It would have been nice
> to see a table of content of Moghe's version.
> Best ragards
> Mikael
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