CARB fonts for Macintosh

Ruth Laila Schmidt at EAST.UIO.NO
Tue Mar 28 08:56:04 UTC 2000

Dear John Smith,

I downloaded the Times_CARB font for Macintosh, unstuffed it, installed the
fonts in my Fonts folder in the System folder and restarted my machine:
however the fonts don't appear under the Fonts menu when I start my Word
Processors. (I tried Nisus and Word).

What have I done wrong? I was trying to get the Truetype font.

Thanks, and with best wishes,

Ruth Schmidt

>Macintosh users wishing to be able to use the CARB fonts -- supplementary
>fonts containg a wide range of "extra" characters likely to be useful to
>Indologists -- will now find Mac versions of them at my website (URL given
>below: bombay.oriental...). Follow the "fonts" link, then the "carb" link.
>John Smith

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