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> He also derives the Old Babylonian word "kinnArum"  from this
> Dravidian nara.
> Considering Narada's association with music, I would ask IE/IA experts
> if the name cannot be derived from Dravidian nar-.
>  >>>

Looks like the root (DEDR #3651)
nAr = fibre, string, cord, rope is not finding mention so far.
nAri = bow-strin
nAram = cord.
Ma. nAr; Ko.nar; To. nOr; Ka. nAr, nAri; Kod. narI; Tu. nAru;
Te. nAra, nAri; Kol. nARA, nAra; Go. nAr; Konda. nari.


nodus: knot


knell: sound of bell, ominous sound
nettle : fibres ae extracted from this plant,
nerve  sounds very much like naravu in kannada

Hindi, Bengali and many other north indian languages:

nARI: nerve, siniew, vein
nAl: double headed drum which actually emits sounds which sounds like
nal...nal.. get it ? reminds one of knell in english.
nARA: draw string of pyjamas


nAda: sound
nArada: this guys plays a stringed instrument...

Another possibility is the
> Proto-Dravidian word Jarampu, narampu 'nerve, sinew, vein' (DED +
> DEDS + DEN no. 2364, attested from Tamil to Malto), from which we
> have forms like Kannada naravu, nara, Tulu nara, Telugu naramu,
> Kolami naram, Gondi naral, naram. Sinews have been used as bow and
> harp strings, and so the former item seems to be derived from the
*       word."

Some of these claims of words being proto dravidian or IE sound one sided
with shades of fond imagination.
A layman like me can also cook up etymologies...
A dravidian linguist from India should atleast know or mention the apparance
of the same words or even similar words in neighbouring non drav languages.

In light of all these words above I don't see what is especially proto
dravidian about "nar". Could someone please explain?

What about the word  Simha in sanskrit and simba in swahili. Is this
considered a coincidence or a borrowing from bantu to IE or vice versa. How
can one build exact histories on such floozy things which cannot be stamped
in date and time?

Regards RB

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