P.V.Kane's HDS in abridged form

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The Asiatic Society of Bombay and Dr.P.V.Kane Memorial
Trust,Mumbai,cordially  invite you and your friends to a function to be
held in the Durbar Hall of the Asiatic Society of Bombay on Tuesday,18th
Aprial 2000 at 6 P.M. for the release of the book entitled _Bharatratna
Dr.P.V.Kane`s History of Dharmashastra-in Essence``_   by Dr.S.G.Moghe.

The encyclopaedic History of Dharmashastra represents a monumental
single-handed effort by the late Pandurang Vaman Kane (07-05-1880 to
18-04-1972). The original work in seven volumes covering more than six
thousand five hundred pages and the first volume revised in mid-sixties
contain such extensive discussions of Smritis,Sanskrit literature,
numismatics, epigraphy and lexicography that these volumes are frequently
referred to by scholars. A strong feeling was expressed by several persons
that the contents of this great work should be made accessible in a concise
form to non-specialist general readers. This has now been done by Dr. S. G.
Moghe, a dedicated scholar in the field of Dharmashastra.

Kaneæs HDS was published over  four decades. So discussions of particular
topics are to be found not only in different volumes of the History of
Dharmashastra but also in other books and journals. In the present book, an
attempt has been made to present coherent accounts of these discussions.
Summaries of chapters and long sections in the original work are also

The book will be available directly from the Bhandarkar Oriental Research
Institute, Pune - 411004, INDIA. Bhandarkar Oriental Series No. 30. PRICE:
Rs. 1200/- excluding postage. PUBLISHER:        Dr. S.G.Kane, Managing

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