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From: Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan <Palaniappa at AOL.COM>
The views of Hindutvavadins who may think that they are praising Tamil by
calling [...]

VA responds: Dr. Satya Swarup Misra, whose views quoted by Dr. Kalyanaraman
have apparently annoyed you, is NOT a follower of Hindutva. This is
acknowledged by none other than Dr. H H Hock in his article (referred to by
Dr. Madhav Deshpande in a recent post) wherein he criticizes the views of
Dr. Mishra. I felt compelled to clarify this because in the past, a list
member accused me of 'threatening' another list member just because some of
my views coincided with those of some Hindutva organizations, that, in the
opinion of the accuser, frequently resorted to bullying and terror tactics
to silence their opponents. The accusation was not withdrawn despite my
clarification to the contrary. And another esteemed list member stated
erroneously, in a rather pejorative sense, that my Uncles were occupying
high positions within the BJP.

I hope we all refrain from unnecassary such name calling especially now that
the chief minister of Tamil Nadu has eagerly given a clean chit recently to
RSS, which is the mother of all Hindutva organizations :-) Moreover, the
listmaster has asked us to control our language.

With this, my monthly quota of posting to the list is over.
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