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Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

> On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Claude Setzer wrote:
> > Since you and Dominik seem so insistent that "Humanists" are superior in
> > their care about getting the facts straight,
> Claude!  This isn't at all what I have been arguing so painstakingly.
> Many scientists are very good at getting their facts straight.  I have
> been trying to say that people who express serious sweeping opinions on
> humanistic topics should be trained in that subject; the same exactly goes
> for people who want to make claims about this or that aspect of science.
> The problem I am addressing is that there is a sort of glamour about
> science and scientists in some circles today that makes it appear that a
> Nuclear Physicist (say) must be worth listening to on the subject of the
> date of the vedas (say), just by virtue of his scientific standing.  I
> disagree.  If this NP has studied Sanskrit and the veda, then fine, but
> his opinions will then be based on his humanistic studies, not on his
> knowledge of nuclear science.
> It really isn't a particularly controversial point I'm making.
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What if the NP shows that RV (say) contains something about Neuclear Physics?
Do you listen to him or not becuase he is a NP?

-- Himanshu

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