Date of Jyotisa Vedanga

Thu Mar 23 00:44:47 UTC 2000

>> Legends about him have been interpreted by Chang Tsung-tung
>>  (Taiwan/Frankfurt) as describing the Indo-European conquest
>> China, no less

> Evidence of an "Aryan" invasion of China is  astronomically less
> than that concerning a similar invasion of India.

I think what Chang Tsung-tung actually suggests is the takeover of the
early Chinese state by a numerically small group of techologically
advanced IE people -- rather like the Rus in the case of Russia or the
Normans for England.  To talk of a "conquest" or "invasion" might be
exaggerated -- but the idea sounds familiar.   He suggests that the
name Huang-ti (the Yellow Emperor) should be reconstructed as
something like hoang-deeg (= honey-[coloured] deva) -- those blonde
aryans again ?   Actually his material seems to establish a range of
fairly reliable cognates that need further investigation.

> Also, the connection of IVC with the Chinese script is a little
> far-fetched since we really don't know what Harappan symbols
> represent

Chinese scholars now date the eaerliest proto-writing in China to
around 4000 BCE based on the pottery fragments found at Banpo near
Xian and elsewhere.   A trifle early for Harappa ?

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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