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> The editions of Tantravaarttika that I have seen say dravi.daadibhaa.saa,
>  but Kunjunni Raja refers to a manuscript which has the reading
>  aandhra-dravi.daadibhaa.saa.  So there is no clear evidence of specificity
>  in Kumaarila.

A. C. Burnell has used the reading Andhra drAviDAdi.  In his book, "Dravidian
Linguistics: An Introduction," talking of Caldwell, Zvelebil (pp. xxi) says,
"He found it in a passage in the ancient Sanskrit savant's work, probably
misread as Andhra drAviD(a) Adi instead of atha drAviD(a) Adi. The pertinent
text in KumArila BhaTTa (7th century A.D.) begins tadyathA drAviDAdi bhASAyAm
eva..." Zvelebil based his views on the printed text of the tantravArttika
and the manuscript copy in the Telugu script used by Ganganatha Jha (the
translator of the work) takes the reading to be tadyathA drAviDAdi.

S. Palaniappan

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