Date of Jyotisa Vedanga

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--- Dr. Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:
> This is not the only case where older astronomical observations have been
> mentioned in a much later text.  Note the case recently discussed by
> N.Achar and me in EJVS 5.2    where an
> astronomical observation, of the equinox in KRttikA (3rd mill.BCE),  has
> been mentioned in the clearly Iron Age, slightly pre-Buddhist, pre-Magadha
> realm text, the Satapatha Brahmana. Much has been made of that, but one can
> by no means date the SB in the 3rd mill. BCE.

  The equinox in KRttikA (3rd mill. BCE) is discussed in
Parpola's book well. The later tamil texts, MaNimEkalai (5th cent.?)
and TEvAram (7th century) also state that KRttikA is the first
nakshatram just as in Krishna YV. No one argues for dating T. or M.
in 3rd millennium BCE!

> assuming the Sanskrit used in the 20th century text...."
> --  Well, we are in the 21st now...

We go straight from c. 1 B.C. to c. 1 A.D. No 0 B.C/A.D in between.
Then 2000 A.D. is 20th century.


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