Date of Jyotisa Vedanga

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> >> then the position of the solstice is the only
>  >> discordant note,
>  >
>  >but a consequential one, especially in a manual of astronomy.
>  But this, again, is Pingree's point about accuracy: even though it is a
>  manual on astronomy it has crude calculations for the intercalation cycle,
>  so why not on other matters?

I have an interesting scenario. The CT text paripATal has some interesting
astronomical information, even though the text is not an astronomical text.
In this century (20th), it has been translated into Sanskrit. Assuming the
Tamil tradition is totally lost and replaced with Hindi/Sanskrit, won't a
future researcher a la Elst and Kak looking at the Sanskrit translation of
paripATal say that the text was produced 1500+ years earlier based on the
astronomical information? On the other hand, won't a traditional Indologist
looking at the features of the language use say that it is a much later text
(assuming the Sanskrit used in the 20th century text is different from an
older text)? Is such a scenario possible w.r.t Vedanga JyotiSha?

S. Palaniappan

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