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Tue Mar 21 11:58:24 UTC 2000

--- Vidyasankar Sundaresan <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Notwithstanding
> Hacker's conclusion about
> Sankara's Vaishnava identity, I think from the
> earliest times, there was a
> substantial Saiva component among those who followed
> Sankara's teachings.
> Perhaps this is also consistent with the fact that
> it was most often the
> Vaishnavas who offered other interpretations of the
> Vedantasutras in
> post-Sankaran times.


  It seems to me you're overlooking a phenomenon such
as the Bhagavatapurana which in its philosophical
position, is known to be closer to advaita than
anything non-Sankaran. Perhaps it may make sense to
view this purana as an attempt to present the AzvAr
bhakti in an advaitic light.

  Significantly, Ramanuja does not quote it despite
proximity in geography and time.

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