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> 1. The tradition refers indeed to Adi zaGkara. In
> that case, the fact that it
> was not mentioned by other texts may be due to the
> authors not being
> conversant with all the details.
> 2. This was part of a post-zaGkara trend to
> incorporate some Tamil zaiva
> devotional traditions into zaGkara hagiography. In
> such a scenario, zaGkara
> going to Madurai and debating Tamil scholars may be
> modeled after campantar
> debating the Jains in Madurai or the musicians' and
> poets' contests described
> in the tiruviLaiyATal purANam.

BTW, was the Periyapuranam translated into other
languages e.g., Telugu or Kannada? It is said that the
Virasaiva vacanakaras revered the "aRupattimUvar"
i.e., the 63 Tamil saiva saints and that their legends
were current in the Kannada speaking land at that
time. It'd be interesting to know how these stories
were transmitted? In the original Tamil as, for
example, the Ramayana of Kampan?

Perhaps the Madhavadigvijayam (14th cent?) and the
Periyapuranam (13th cent?) draw from a common source?

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