Ceremonial disposal of the "asva" carcass (apart from the asvamedha sacrifice)?

Dinesh Maheshwari/CAD dsm at CYPRESS.COM
Mon Mar 20 19:05:47 UTC 2000

Dear list members,

> Are you referring to the asva carcass of the asvamedha sacrifice?

Perhaps I should have been more specific and should have phrased
my question as follows.
"Ceremonial disposal of the "asva" carcass apart from the asvamedha
sacrifice ? "
I am interested in knowing as to how the carcasses of the "asva"s
that died a natural death were disposed off. Given the significance
associated to the "asva", is it possible that the carcasses of
even the "asva"s that died of natural causes were disposed off
ritualistically (say buried, cast off in a body of water,
cremated etc.)?

BTW, as far as I know, the carcasses of Cobra snakes, irrespective
of the cause of death of the snake, are still disposed of
ceremoniously in India. Could the carcasses of the "asva"s be
treated similarly during the Vedic times ?


Best regards,
Dinesh Maheshwari

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