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>Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:
>> Those who proceed in Nirukta fashion, --as opposed to the severe
>linguistic method of Panini who distinguishes clearly between root, suffixes
>and  endings, as does modern linguistics...

Dr. Kalyanaraman:
>I submit that 'nairukta etymologists' is a tautology.

not, if you distinguish between Paninean etymology, modern linguistic one
and Yaska's Nirukta style (i.e. nairukta), as I did, plainly.   ---  3
different approaches.

>I also submit that Pa_n.ini or modern linguistics and IE reconstructions can't
>help in these semant. of divinities, assuming that semant. is as important as

Semantics is part of linguistics (and of course of philology); see my
earlier reference to K.Hoffmann's list in his paper on  how to do
(K.Hoffmann, Aufsaetze... Wiesbaden 1991)

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