vedas as science

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Mon Mar 20 01:41:19 UTC 2000

Sorry if I took too large of a step. The sun was the source of creation as
symbolized by Agni. Indra was the symbol (or God) of the manifest or the
firmament. The two constitute the physical reality as creation and manifest
(as is almost universal).  In modern physics this is equivalent to Law
(Agni) versus energy and matter (Indra). In the beginning was the
concentrated energy (Indra) and the indwelling Law (Agni) that would
determine the future manifested worlds as given in the concept of the Big
Bang hypothesis.  Energy and matter are now known to be equivalent through E
equals mc squared of Einstein, however it is apparent in the description of
the early Gods that they too were aware of this connection. Religions
therefore start with the giver of Law and the source of energy and manifest
(typically male and female elements).
The problem that us moderns have is that we know that the energy of the sun
comes from inner reactions in the sun, the ancients however could only
perceive the fire of the sun as being fueled by the moon.  This idea of heat
coming from something inert is not in the common awareness of modern man yet
heat (or phlogiston) comes from inert oil and wood that early man was well
aware of. Another factor that the indoor educated modern man forgets is that
the sun and moon are viewed as exactly the same size (as seen in an
eclipse). The connection between the sun and moon are therefore obvious to
the early observers. The two together was the One or Brahma or the source of
Law and Manifest.

Agni or the creative fire was also found to reside inside of creative
individuals, but that is another issue.
Bob Peck

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