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Sun Mar 19 08:16:30 UTC 2000

Mr. Lynken Ghose seems to have asked the following question at a very
inopportune time.

>How would you categorize someone like Bhartr.hari vis-a-vis the
>6 orthodox schools of Indian philosophy. Would it be fair to say
>that he represents another school of philosophy, i.e. philosophy of
>language, that looked upon the Veda as sacred, yet with slightly less
>deference given to the Veda than in the 6 orthodox schools?

The editors of the multi-volume Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies have
included a separate volume on the "Philosophy of the Grammarians". Rightly

Generally, vyAkaraNa is called a zAstra, and not a darzana. However, it is
not clear that Bhartrhari's deference to the Veda is any less than that
shown by other traditional darzanas like sAMkhya and yoga.

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