A plea for respect and decency

Chris Wallis cw002g at MAIL.ROCHESTER.EDU
Sun Mar 19 05:07:28 UTC 2000

After observing the discussion for the past week, I feel compelled, though
a humble student of Indology, to make a brief comment.  I have been
disappointed and dismayed to read the vituperative ad hominem attacks that
are repeatedly posted in this forum by otherwise reputable scholars.  One
sometimes gets the feeling that the list is more of a schoolyard
playground in an inner-city school than an mature academic forum.  Please
note that this observation is NOT directed at any one personage, but I
think that *everyone* who is unable to conduct themselves with kindness or
at least politeness ought to be ashamed of themselves.  We are not
reflecting well on the dignity of our profession.

Besides, no-one ever succeed in winning over the opponent to their point
of view by insulting them; so if the former is your goal, please pause and
erase the offending lines from your email before sending it.

Thank you for your kind attention.

respectfully yours,
Christopher Wallis

        Christopher D. Wallis
President, Religion & Classics Council
      Intern, Interfaith Chapel
       University of Rochester
        ** Believe in love. **

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