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Vishal Agarwal vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 19 04:09:29 UTC 2000

Dr. Witzel said:
Just check 'foul' in the archives, you will discover its author.
Guess who who just wrote: "[HH Hock's writing] "is also a clear slander of
the Teacher. " (Sankara, with capital T as in Truth) ... ... Talking about
psychology, as Great Rishi Banerjee does so well...

And, finally, who cares whether Agarwal-Hazuur et alii  *like*  our
interpretations of texts or not? Our work is not a popularity contest.

VA responds: You have totally missed the point. FYI, I am not an Advaitin
myself and this is known to many list members. Why not check Sankaracharya's
commentary on Chhandogya Upanishad 5.18.1 and verify for yourself whether
Dr. Hock's interpretation is correct or not? Pay attention to the suceeding
words and thn recall the Advaitin paradigms.
In any case, such remarks by him were totally uncalled for, especially since
Sri Sankaracharya was accused by his detractors of having distorted the long
standing tradition of Vedanta. In other words, he was accused of being too
radical an innovator.
The capital T was used by me in the same way I preface the word Muhammad
with the customary  'Prophet' although I am not a muslim either. So maybe
you need to take a course in psychology.
And I regard Advaita as the most important school of Indian philosophy
because it is indeed the most high profile school in India right now
(although I do not subscribe to its notions). Just as Dr. Thomspon remarked
that 'YV is the heart of the Vedic tradition' (to paraphrase)-- a statement
which is correct as well as wrong.

So the question of popularity contests does not arise, because this was a
clear case of putting words into the mouth of Samkaracharya and then
criticizing him for stating those words. Since you are yourself so durmukha,
you cannot appreciate the need for people to be polite in such matters.

Of course, you are most welcome to accept the sukha = axle hole equation.
After all, we are all too familiar with your Hast-in dveep-in type logic,
that I find quite infantile (ironical, since you were born in the same year
as my father). Ali Dashti indeed said it so well: "The capacity of a man to
delude himself is unlimited."

Having said all this, I must express my remorse for bringing Dr. Hock into
this discussion and I apologize to him.

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