Agni is scientific

Somayaji Rajagopala SSRVJ at AOL.COM
Sun Mar 19 00:47:13 UTC 2000

The  syllable Agni seems to have been NOT used in the sense of
F-I-R-E=FIRE-(as is usually translated) with the accompniments of
Light-Heat-Sound etc .-----13 kinds of Agni are described in
Ayurveda.--Jaataraa Agni=1(Pylorus)--Dhaatvaagni =7(in Rasa(chyle)/
Raktha(formed elements of blood)/Maamsa(Musle)/ Majja(Marrow)/ Asthi(bone)/
Medas(adipose)/Sukra(semeniferal fluids))---Bhoothaagni
=5(Appu/Theyu/Vayu/Prthvi/Akaasam)--total 13.In none of these tissues Fire(as
is usually understood) with a temperature above >1000 degree Celsius can
exist (tissues would be burned to ash)--So it might not have used in the
sense of Fire- must have been used in the sense of "Silent combustion"(as
rusting of Iron)

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