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Timothy C. Cahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Sat Mar 18 22:09:18 UTC 2000


   I came across a nice line attributed to a Naiyaayika by the

"asmaakuunaaM naiyaayikezaam arthani taatparyam zabdani kozcintaa!"

(It seems to lose something in transliteration...)
This reminded me just a bit of the ongoing debates on the list between
scientists and Indologist/philologists. The following 'exchange' is also
supplied as a parody of a fruitless debate between the same two:

Vaiy: "Naiyaayikaah pazavah!"

Naiy: "VaiyaakaraNaas tRNavah!"

Vaiy: "tRNava iti katham?!"

Naiy: "pazava iti yatham!!"

Vaiy: "azuddham iva vakSyase."

Naiy: "mahe raNaaya cakSase."

The latter was declared the winner, which just goes to show what can
happen if you shout a Vedic mantra loud enough --and at just the right

Tim Cahill

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