Saraswati: Atomic Scientists reconfirm location

H.B.Dave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Fri Mar 17 07:32:34 UTC 2000

George Thompson wrote:

> Dear Dr. Kalyanaraman,
> Please, stop for a moment and consider this:
> we are all of us here, now, in the year 2000, 3rd month, 16th day [accd to
> the calendar that rules the Internet]. Not one of us stands any closer in
> time to the period of the Rgveda than anyone else, whether Vaidika or
> European, Subaltern or American, etc.  No matter who we are, the RV stands
> equally distant and remote and difficult for every single one of us.  Without
> exception.

Let us assume, for sake of argument, that RV is a book on  Advanced Calculus.
Who stands better chance of decoding RV, an IE linguist or a mathematician who
knows some thing of Vedic?

> As far as I can see, no scientist, not even a nuclear physicist or an
> electrical engineer, is better prepared to understand the Rgveda than those
> scientists who actually devote their lives to studying it.  I don't know
> whether Rahul Oka is a scientist or not. But if you give me a sample of his
> observations about the RV I can tell you right away whether or not he is a
> scientist of the Rgveda.

You may have spent your life stduying the "language" of RV, but it does not mean
that you are better prepared to tell others what is in RV.
As far as your claim of telling if Mr. XYZ is scientist of Rv is concerned, is
it not presumming too much on your part?

I find the attitude of Indologists extremely narrow minded. Scientists do not
talk like that. You may point out mistakes of others, but to say that only  IE
linguists have claim to understand RV, and not others is too much . Are  we
building up a new caste of "super Brahmins"?

-- Himanshu

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