creative atomic scientist's translations

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Fri Mar 17 12:41:58 UTC 2000

As a scientist and amateur (whatever that means) Indologist I would like to
question the current theme about science VERSUS expert Sanskrit scholars. I
became interested in Sanskrit as offering a basis for modern physics. I
found for instance that earth air fire and water as used earlier as mystical
elements do indeed fit within the new turn toward mysticism in physics.
Einstein’s concepts (not math) would have been readily accepted by many
early thinkers. I found that to extract the original ideas however, that I
had to dig beneath the religious and spiritual interpretations that I assume
came from ‘expert’ translators.
I find that some (not all by any means) writings are scientific in nature
and certainly offering some sound physiology and philosophy that is
supportable by scientific means that contributes to modern understanding.
Let me suggest another role of translation and that is to work closely WITH
science such as is being done in modern labs today to fully derive the
original meanings and the nuances that a scientist can miss.
Bob Peck

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