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 Pl. look into DEDR, item on muTTi etc., Also, use Online Tamil Lexicon
on muTTu & the verb, muTTu-tal, muTT*, May help.

Allotting a good percentage of funds pie available for Indian studies in the
West to build a chronological dictionary of Dravidian words and features
in IA and Sanskrit, something like ongoing projects EWA, KEWA
(to find relationships between IE, German, Sanskrit,...) will prove
to be fruitful. By now hopefully Indologists realize the importance of
increasing Dravidologists breed amidst them, and you can see that in
India, ideology sometimes acts as a barrier to do good linguistics
studies. Hope Indologists will help increase in academic Dravidology pursuits.
It is within their power and budgets.


--- Ruth Laila Schmidt < at EAST.UIO.NO> wrote:
> Dear members of the list,
> Does someone have an etymology for Hindi-urdu mushTanDa ( ~ musTanDa),
> 'sturdy, robust'? McGregor gives musTanDa with no etymology; Platts gives
> mushTanDa tracing it back to Skt. muZTi, 'fist'. Turner, the usual arbiter
> of such matters, is silent.
> With best wishes,
> Ruth Schmidt
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