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>I agree with Dr. Kalyanaraman that identifying semantic sets is very

As if this was something new. See the summary, a very detailed scheme of
how to do etymologies, by K.Hoffmann and Eva Tichy,
reprinted in his Aufsaetze zur Indoiranistik, Wiesbaden 1991, p.761-767

> One must examine the mind of those who created the language.
>In this sense, those raised in the culture and language studied are at
>an advantage.

Beautiful! Please introduce me to a speaker of Proto-Austric, or Proto-
Dravidian, or Proto-Indo-European for that matter. I always wanted to talk
to Mr. Plth2u-K'lewos (or his Vedic descendent, King Prthu-s'ravas)...


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