Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Thu Mar 16 12:54:52 UTC 2000

I have just registered a new URL for the INDOLOGY website:


At present this merely redirects your browser to the website which you
have been familiar with in the past, i.e.,
But I hope that the new URL is slightly more memorable (don't forget that
.uk at the end).

Some time ago I also registered the URL http://indology.findhere.com  This
web service was out of action for a while, but it now seems to be working
again.  However, it depends on someone else's account, and so is subject
to vagaries beyond my control.  The www.indology.org.uk site is, I hope,
stable and permanent.

Dominik Wujastyk
Founder, INDOLOGY list

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