Saraswati: Atomic Scientists reconfirm location

Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Mon Mar 13 07:07:29 UTC 2000

Congratulations to Dr. Witzel on his excellent series of posts in the last
few days. The `Vedic panzer' post was especially enlightening. And the
following is of course a classic -

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Michael Witzel wrote:
> Why is it that of all of these and the ensuing movements
> [Persians, Greeks, Yue-ji/Tukhara/Kushana, Saka, 'Pahlava', Abhira,
> Hephtalite Huns (huuNa), Gurjara ] ... just one, the
> "Aryan"one (=Indo-Aryan, proto-Vedic), is NOT allowed these days?

This would ordinarily be a coup de grace. However, it is interesting to
note that this same `indigenist' group does not accept these invasions
either, all of which are held to be `western conspiracies' :

 "... the Rajput race is the descendent of ancient Kshatriya families
  (p. 170 HSIB 1). That they had their ancestry in certain invaders is
  dismissed as a conspiracy of western historians."
  [ ]

Perhaps, we shall soon see authoritative websites on `Myth of Saka
Invasion Theory (SIT),' and `Huna Invasion Theory (HIT) debunked'.
Already, D.P.Agarwal has stated that the `Greek Invasion' was no invasion
at all (cf. his polemics on `AIT'). No doubt, this will be followed up by
a `Myth of Greek Invasion Theory (GIT) debunked' website.

Meanwhile, count me in on the Witzel fan club.

Samar Abbas
`What I say is no jest - Witzel is the best !'

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