Dates of written Rgveda

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Mon Mar 13 08:44:03 UTC 2000

Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:
>snip> This much is clear from the injunction NOT to use written texts.
> But it did not become the main, major way of transmission until much later,>
-- and taking into account modern recitation, not even until today. A> proper
Brahmin (Veda reciter) did not rely on books. (I think the Chinese > pilgrims
- Fa Hsien - of mid first mill. CE also have such statements, need > to

Would appreciate info. on the textual references which include an 'injunction'
NOT to use written texts.

Why, pray, the secrecy in communicating the texts? I am sure early indologists
would have expatiated on the issue of 'secrecy'...


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