Dates of written Rgveda

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Dr. Witzel wrote:
>all the early emendations by western scholars of the 19th cent. have been
>given up: we are very cautious now to edit the RV

While looking up another article I came across "On the Possibility of
Corruptions in RgVeda" by V.K. Rajvade in "K.B. Pathak Commemoration Volume
(BORI c. 1930's)" in which he lists 18 Rks for discussion as possible
corruptions that occurred between the composition of the Rks and their

His tentative emendments are: (Harvard-Kyoto)

1.6.6    girA instead of giraH
1.72.9   svapasyAni instead of svapatyAni
4.34.9   svapasyAni instead of svapatyAni
7.91.3   svapasyAni instead of svapatyAni
2.17.3   zuSNaM instead of zuSmaM
2.35.4   tamu smerAH instead of tamasmerAH
4.44.2   devatAtA instead of devatA tAM
5.1.9    atyeti instead of atyeSi
5.17.2   svaM yazaH instead of svayazaH
5.53.8   mApa sthAta instead of mAva sthAta
8.65.10  hiraNyayInIM instead of hiraNyavInIM
8.77.9   adArayaH instead of adhArayaH
8.100.6  bandhave instead of RSibandhave
9.12.5   indraH instead of induH
9.54.1   ahrayaM instead of ahrayaH
         sahasrasAm followed by some other word instead of RSIM
9.108.7  remove rajasturaM
10.96.7  hariH instead of harI

Does modern Vedic scholarship agree with any of these tentative emendments
of V.K. Rajvade?  Also would this be the same V.K. Rajvade who discovered
the Jnaneshwari manuscript?

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