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George Thompson [SMTP:GthomGt at CS.COM] skrev 12. mars 2000 14:42:
> Of course, I do not know if Dr. Farmer knows this.  There is no evidence to
> suggest that he does. So it is probably better to be explicit about this.

Having read most of Dr.  Farmer's paper, ("Commentary Traditions..."), it seems
that the difference of opinion between the Indologists on the list and Dr.
Farmer is not quite so great as it would seem. The bone of contention is the
transmission of the Vedic text, where Indologists would claim (correctly, in my
opinion) that the Vedic text is a special case. Otherwise, the model described
in Farmer's paper shouldn't be quite so controversial to Classical Indologists.
It might, however, present problems to other members of the list who may find,
to their consternation, that their best "friends" are the very Western
Indologists they have been badgering for the last few years. That is, of
course, unless Farmer relents and accepts that the Vedic text is a special case

As a famous poet said: "Necessity makes strange bedfellows." Watch out, George
and Michael!

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