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I was asked to forward the following study abroad announcement to your
mailing list or listserv. Please contact Prof. Harrigan directly for
any further information.

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From: "Patrick Harrigan" <harrigan at>
Subject: Study in Tamil Nadu announcement

Study in Tamil Nadu 2000-01
Tamil University, Thanjavur
Eight-month diploma course in Tamil language and culture (September
2000 - April 2001)

Students of South Indian culture are invited to undertake a year of
practical fieldwork in Tamil Nadu under the professional guidance of
academic counselors and the teaching faculty of the Tamil University
at Thanjavur in central Tamil Nadu.

Participants in the Study in Tamil Nadu diploma course in Tamil Culture will:

* Learn elementary spoken and written forms of modern Tamil;

* Read the course list of required books and articles recommended by
  the Dean;

* Attend lectures by experts including TU teaching faculty on aspects
  of Tamil culture;

* Participate in monthly guided field trips to sites of historical,
  architectural and/or cultural interest;

* Undertake a theoretical-cum-practical research project under faculty
  supervision; and

* Submit an original research paper documenting their fieldwork in
  Tamil Nadu.

Program enrollment is limited to 6-12 foreign students to ensure
optimal class size and to facilitate field trips.

The cost of the programme is tentatively set at US$240 only for the
eight-month course (September 1 - April 30).

For details, contact the Program Facilitator:
Patrick Harrigan <harrigan at>

Or visit the Study in Tamil Nadu home page:

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