Elst's review of Kochhar's Vedic People

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Sat Mar 11 06:29:50 UTC 2000

Michael Witzel wrote:
> >>India is not the natural habitat of the MODERN horse.There are no
> >> wild horses in India .If India is the original home of the Aryans where did
> >> they get horse from?
> PK Manasala:>
> >You might want to check a little deeper into specialized literature.
> >In fact, Asiatic horses of today often show anatomical features
> >related to the prehistoric Indian horse (Equus sivalensis).
> That myth should be exploded. Last I heard, that horse was dead and gone 15 million years ago.

Equus sivalensis may be gone but domesticated horses with sivalensis
dentition, pre-orbital depression and 17 pairs of ribs are still found
in South and Southeast Asia.

> >For example, according to some Indologists 'Vedic Aryans' were supposed
> >to be cattle herders from the Central Asian steppe who brought their
> >herds and cow worship with them.
> Whatever earlier Indologists might have thought, they cannot be accused for
> not knowing recent genetics. (Cow worship by Rgvedic people??? Where, by
> Indra,  does that come from?)
> >Also, the steppe is really not suitable for cattle herders
> So why do we have the (early) 300,000 horses (their bones) at Botai,
> Kazakhstan?

The steppe is quite suitable for horses.

> You forget half-asses and real asses.

You really get emotional when someone challenges your "aryan" theories
don't you.

Madame Blavatsky would be proud.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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