"Dalitstan" (RE: 'INDIA ABROAD' on new textbooks)

Raveen Satkurunathan tawady at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 10 20:48:35 UTC 2000

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:32:41 -0700, Yashwant Malaiya <malaiya at CS.COLOSTATE.EDU>

>Samar Abbas wrote:
>>There are several facts indicating that Rama was a historical figure
>>which are summarised in these sites by the Dalit and *** schools
>>  http://dalitstan.org/books/bibai/bibai3.html


>I have read some of Ambedkar's works and other books
>that have come out of neo-Buddhist movement. Dalits
>have a lot to complain about, but these web sites are not
>done by them.

I know at least two Dalits who are involved in this project one in the US and the
other in India.

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