--the basis for the meaning of meaning

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We are currently working on a method of using a computer to assist in
translations. our starting approach is that any translation must be based
upon the subject matter, the time and place as well as the source. In other
words it is as if different dictionaries must be used for different
translations. A modern computer is ideal for this application.
Sanskrit seems to have its own problems, as  I mentioned Abhinavagupts's
ParAtrISikA VivaraNa in which he gives assistance to the Sanskrit reader as
to how to extract the meaning. If such problems existed in his time in his
own Language, they surely are worse today?
Let me know if you find your answer.
Bob Peck

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From: Haridas C <haridasc at YAHOO.COM>
Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 10:20 AM
Subject: Toward a Science of Translating--Sanskrit texts--the basis for the
meaning of meaning

>Dear List members,
>With respect to the Sarasvati and chariot discussion
>which has been taking place, I am re-posting and
>adding to my inquiry which follows below.
>The basis for most of the debates on this list and in
>other areas is centered upon the basic question of
>'what is the meaning of the word/text?'
>So I wondering about the variety of the past authors
>which have been foundational to the science and the
>practice of translating sanskrit, pali, and prakrit
>literature in the west.
>Any thoughts upon recent thinkers, such as Foucault,
>Derrida, Godamer in light of the mechanics of
>translating into english, german, french etc., would
>be warmly welcomed also.
>For example, Derrida wrote: "Il n'y a pas d'hors texte
>('there is nothing outside a text')" how might this
>apply to the topic of interpretation/misinterpretation
>translation/mistranslation on the list.
>I am also interested in essays and discussion on the
>mechanics of translating Sanskrit into English.
>thank you.
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