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Ruth Laila Schmidt r.l.schmidt at EAST.UIO.NO
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Dear colleages,

I have just received a query from

"Elin Gr°nneberg" <Elin.Gronneberg at stud.jbi.hioslo.no>

who is a student librarian, who in the course of preparing a bibliography
on Fridtjof Nansen has found the following entry in the Library of Congress

Author: Bhatta, MuulazaGkara Mohanalaala
Title:  Naanasena [microform]: Pravaasakathaao
        MuulazaGkara Mo. Bhatta
Published: Amadaavaada: Mukhyavikretaa Bhaaratii Saahitya Sangha, 1946
LC Call No.:   Microfilm BUL-GUJ-214 (G)
With the help of the Sanskritist L.M. Fosse I deduced that Pravaasakathaao
is "descriptions of travel" and Mukhyavikretaa Bhaaratii Saahitya is "Head
Sales, the Indian Literature Society". However I am not able to tell
Groenneberg what
Amadaavaada is, nor the language of the entry. Could Amadaavaada be a
Sanskritization of Ahmadabad, and the language Gujarati (as suggested by
final -o in Pravaasakathaao, which we take to be a plural form)?

Any help would be appreciated by this bewildered Urdu scholar.

With best wishes,

Ruth Schmidt

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