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1. Diwali or Dipavali is celebrated on Amavasya of Kartika
> (Purmimanta). I am looking for historical mentions of Diwali
> in Indian texts. I will appreciate if someone has some
> information on the history of Diwali.
> I know that it was celebrated by Mughals as a popular Indian
> festivals. It is also mentioned in Sandesh-Rasak of Addahamana
> (Abdul-Rahman? 13th cent?).

There is an old but very informative article by W.Crook: The DIvAlI,
the Lamp Festival of the Hindus - "Folk-Lore", vol. XXXIV, No.IV, Dec.
1923, pp.267-292. It contains detailed ethnographic description of the
DIvAlI celebrations in different regions of India. There are also some
speculations on DIvAlI's hypothetical roots in more archaic rites. Being
a folk festival, DIvAlI seems to be poorly represented in the literature
of the "Great (i.e., Sanskritic, Brahmanic) Tradition". But there is
at least one reference to the ViSNupurANa.

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