chariots (was: AIT, NEW genetic evidence)

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 8 12:52:19 UTC 2000

>Well, 'axle' comes from IE *ak'sa  (Latin axis, Greek -aksa, O.H.German
>ahsa, etc./ Vedic:  akSa > (N?) Drav. accu;
>but ANi  'lynch pin' is foreign to both Drav. and Vedic languages (though
>DEDR derives it from Skt.!) -- and a local loan.
>But cakra, Engl. wheel, etc. < IE  *kwe-kw-lo- may ultimately derive from
>Sumerian  gilgul 'wheel', cf.  also  (GIS-)gigir 'wagon'.

  Is Sanskrit related to tamil verb aa_li(-ttal) = to dig deep, to
 sink? Also, aa_li= wheel, Vishnu's discus; aa_lvaar = drowner, Srivaishnava
 saint; aa_lttu = to immerse, to plunge. "aa_l" to "aa.l" change seems to be
 in yam.

>However, Dravidian has quite a number of loans from Sumerian in the
>agricultural field, see
>Blazek, V. and C. Boisson, The Diffusion of Agricultural Terms from
>Mesopotamia. Archiv     Orientalni 60, 1992, 16-37 , -- --
>such as Sumerian ur 'millstone', Proto-South Drav. *ur-al 'mortar' (p. 24),
>Sumer. ili 'sesame', Akkad. ellu/Ulu 'sesame oil', which is only found in
>South Drav. with eL, eLLu 'Sesamum indicum' but cf. Ved. tila and jar-tila
>'sesame';  etc. etc.
>----   which seems to point to a location of early Proto-Drav. closer to
>Mesopotamia on the Iranian plateau, (cf. also the --supposed -- genetic
>connection of Drav. and Elamite,  in McAlpin's work, denied by a number of
>Dravidian scholars).
>A Drav.- Mesopotamian link, at least of loan words, seems clear, though.

 Is this due to interactions between Harappa and Sumeria?

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