chariots (was: AIT, NEW genetic evidence)

C.R. Selvakumar selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA
Tue Mar 7 15:56:47 UTC 2000

Professor Witzel,

May I ask a few questions, which may be unrelated to the current
discussion ?

'>'The date of the invention of the horse-drawn  chariot ratha/Ir. ra0a
'>'`chariot`` is indicated by the fact  that the word it  is not shared by W.
'>'Indo-European.:   Lat. rota, Germ. Rad `wheel`;
'>'the specialized meaning ``chariot`` is restricted to IIr. -- Similarly, for

    I find it intriguing that Tamil has the following words:

    uruL meaning roll,
    uruNdai meaning round or spherical
    uruTTu = rotate or roll

    Are Tamil words related to Latin rota ? How come Tamil rule of
    the retroflex consonants  L,N,T seems to be related to
    the words roll-round-rotate ? Is it a coincidence ?
    Has someone studies such connections (apparent or real) ?

'>'Well, the RV mentions, e.g., a thousand horses 9.78.2,  or hundreds and
'>'thousands of horses as gift  at 6.63.10,  thousand cows and horses  at
'>'1.29.1 ---  RV  8.46.29 has 60,000 horses, the same at 8.26.21:  60,000
'>'horses, 2000 camels, 1000 mares.... in a daanastuti.
'>'Even taking into account the usual predilection of poets for hyperbole
'>'(Indira-zatakam of 1977 CE !!), LOTS  horses are quite apparent here.

    What is the estimate of world population around 1000BC and
    and what fraction of them were 'aryans'?
    Would it be reasonable to assume such large numbers of
    people (and animals) were killed ?
    Assuming that the various accounts of events described
    in Vedas is true where people are said to be killed,  what is the
    approximate total number of people killed ?
    Is it possible to estimate the number of 'black' people with
    'thick lips or bull lips' killed by Vedic civilization ?

    Many thanks (in advance) for your thoughts.



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