Shivaratri - worshipping the phallus

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> Dear Mr. Dougal,

>> It was Shivaratri yesterday. Did you do worship the phallus?

I hope Vishal Agarwal is not not making fun of Mr.Dougal or of Shivalingam.

My understanding of Shivalingam ( Phallus symbol that is worshipped on
Shivaratri) is that it represents the sexual energy that is the source of
all creation in this universe.  Without sexual energy this creation will
come to an end within a  short period of time.  Just imagine no life on this

I ask people who do not have understanding of Shivalingam, how will they
feel by just imagining that their all sexual energy has left them?  I  am
sure this very thought will terrify them.  No wonder people of knowledge and
understanding worship the sexual energy in the form of Shivalingam.
People may or may not worship Shivalingam by name, but all recognize the
importance of sexual energy. All people throughtout the world seek it to
pro-create and to have sexual pleasures in their lives..

These days billion of dollars worth of Viagra is being sold, and millions of
people all over the world are buying it. Even many women have been reported
using Viagra.  All these users of Viagra are in a  way worshipping and/or
seeking this sexual energy.

I feel all symbols of Hindu mythology have deeper meaning, and  if we have
some clear  understanding of those symbols,  we find them as very practical
components of this creation.



> > 3. The Extended Phallus (Pg 8 of the booklet)
> On Pg 159 of his eminent book, for Jha, he asserts 'Lord Shiva
> is just a "development of phallic cults" ' (citing from Jha, op
> cit., p.90). Now this 'just' is just Shourie's imputation.........On this
> page, 90 (nor for that matter in any of the 8 pages
> mentioned for the entry 'Shiva') of Jha's book, this quote is
> (surprise surprise) not there............
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