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Rajarshi Banerjee [SMTP:rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM] skrev 05. mars 2000
> An average muslim or christian in India is not under any pressure to
> convert, the thought would never occur to them. There has been some
> propoganda against evengelization. The only reconverts to hinduism are a
> small fraction of tribals who
> are recent christians to start with. They typically spend a few days or
> months as christians.

Somehow, this doesn't quite jibe whith what I have been reading in the
Organiser (and gathered from the news elsewhere). "Reconversion" is an old
theme in Hindu nationalism, going back to the Arya Samaj at least. As for
Christians: India has some 35-40 million Christians. Between ten and fifteen
procent of India's dalits are Christians, and about three-quarters of India's
Christians are dalits. We are not just talking tribals here. The majority of
the dalits started converting in droves to Christianity about a 100 years ago.
These are the people that the Hindutva crowd wants to see back in the Hindu

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