ICHR controversey

Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Sun Mar 5 22:13:54 UTC 2000

LM>I do not believe that India will end up in a trench war of any kind. What
foresee is rather the possibility of a social melt-down, caused by pressure
brought to bear on the Muslim and Christian minorities. It is fairly naive
believe that they will all accept being re-enrolled as Hindus.

An average muslim or christian in India is not under any pressure to
convert, the thought would never occur to them. There has been some
propoganda against evengelization. The only reconverts to hinduism are a
small fraction of tribals who
are recent christians to start with. They typically spend a few days or
months as christians.

regards R B

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