Toward a Science of Translating--Sanskrit Texts

Sreenivas Paruchuri sreeni at KTP.UNI-PADERBORN.DE
Sat Mar 4 19:01:19 UTC 2000

> of translating sanskrit, pali, and prakrit literature in the west.

Theres a special issue (?) of Journal of s. Asian Literature, from 1991,
dedicated to the subject of "translations". Most of the essays therein may be
of interest to you; esp. John Cort's:
        "Elevating the living body of Sanskrit poetry into American
        English". JSALit, 26.1&2 (1991), p. 44-76.
(also see: Martha Selby's "On the translatability of Intention in Indian
Poetry" in the same issue. p. 111-24)

Well, Teju Niranjana's _Sitting Translation: History, Post-Structuralism,
and the colonial context_ (UC-Berkely Press, 1992) doesn't have anything
to say on translations from Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrt literatures, but in
last chapter she discusses A.K. Ramanujan's work (taking a couple of poems
from his: _Speaking of Siva_). On same note, check: Vinay Dharwadker's essay
on AKR's Theory and Practice of Criticism and Translation (Indian Literature,
1994, p.??, can provide if interested!).

The only essay on transl. theory with special ref. to Indian texts, I am
aware, is: G.N. Devy's "Translation Theory: An Indian Perspective", Bombay
Literary Review" (1990).

A couple of years ago there was a small volume from HOS Opera Minora series
with the title: _Tranlsating, Translations, Translators_. I only read
Sheldon Pollock's essay (which I 'd highly recommend) and can't comment
about the rest.


P.S. see: AKR, "On translating a Tamil Poem" in: _The art of translation -
Voices from the field_, R. Warren (ed).

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