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   I belong to this listserve because I am very much interested in and
profoundly impressed by the wisdom that has come out of India over the
centuries. But of course I also have other interests. Your recent posting
touched on one of them.

Perhaps you explain to me why or in what sense the Israelis are "paranoid."
Without doubt, many people see the Zionists as the aggressors in the
Arab-Israeli conflict (even if many of such people remain well-disposed
toward Israel). So if this is the way you see it, I am hardly shocked by
this. But the point is, I am very interested in exactly how such people
actually do see the Arab-Israeli conflict, since I believe that strong cases
can be made against the typical charges leveled against Israel and the
Zionist movement.

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Kol tov  (all the best),

Bob Lazarowitz
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> The ultimate
> consequences of a civil moral based on the principle of revenge (which is
> really at the bottom of you argument) can be seen vividly in the former
> Yugoslavia. You may turn a place into a desert and call it peace. But you
> can
> also turn a place into a heap of dung and call it justice.
> RB>I am not talking about morals, who wronged who, or preaching anything.
> When a naturalist goes into the field he does not take sides between say
> prey and predator,  Such an approach would compromise truth and limit
> understanding.
> Its undestandable to sanitize news stories if they can be iflammatory but
> such principles should not be used for long term analysis of history.
> Marxist scholars indeed become defensive when its time to deal with
> activities in India.
> If you are worried that the sight of broken pre-islamic monuments will
> hindus vengful you are off track. Compare INdian attitudes with the
> israelis, Americans who bombed libya over a hijacking. INdia probably has
> faced more terrorist attacks than all of them combined. Starting with 747
> blown oput of the sky, stock exchange bombings ....... assasinations ,
> blasts, mowing down of many marriage processions in jammu, migrant
> shot dead as they sleep to give just a few examples all happening over and
> over again. These are never reported in the western media.
> Even the so called rabid and nationalsit BJP government is pretty laid
> and restrained by world standards.
> regards RB

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