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Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Wed Mar 1 03:21:51 UTC 2000

SM>  Texts speak of chariots in India. Sparreboom, Chariots in the Veda.
Barbarian tides, Timeframe 1500-600 BC, Time-Life books, p.129
has a caption for a picture. "The bow ruins the enemy's pleasure; with
the bow let us conquer all the corners of the world.... Once shot,
fly far away, arrow, sharpened with prayer. Go straight to our foes,
and do not leave a single one of them there. - from the Rig Veda."

RB> Judging by archeological traces left chariotry was not very prevalant.
Whta does the picture in the aticle look like is it based on any real
chariots of India?
The "ratha yatra" chariot is hardly functional......
In the vedas chariots are atleast part of the imagination maybe inspired by
the knowledge of grand chariot armies in the west. After all the name
dasharatha appears in mitanni texts. Is the word ratha present in avestan?

The ashvamedha could imply ritual warfare with minimal bloodshed. Maybe
there werent too many horses to go around. It would make sense in a rural
setting which does not amass huge organized armies and yet allows for some
form of political reorganization on a larger scale. A precursor to the more
urban kingdoms in gangetic India.

regards R Banerjee

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