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Tue Jun 20 10:13:39 UTC 2000

Dear List members,
I have put two new papers as follows on our web site :
They are available via anonymous FTP under the directory

The papers and files are :    Etasha's Prattle (aitashapralapa.h) this is one

                    of the so called Khila sukta in RigVeda, which may be

                    of interest to some members of this List. The sukta

                    vividly describes the experience of a meditator. Some

                    of the utterances match with what Shri Ramana Maharshi

                    taught.    so called Pravahlika sukta, which describes the activity

                    of mind, jeeva or Durga (as the female aspect of the Ultimate

                    Reality). The word used for these is kumari (not kumarii).

These sukta very clearly show that meditation practice preceeded RigVeda and was

matured by the time RigVeda was composed.

These suktas has interpretation in terms of Advaita also, of course.

I hope some of you may find these useful.

-- Himanshu

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