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> and remember all those S. Indian names derived from palm trees (on this
> list)?

 Sangam poems are obsessed with flora and fauna. Is vetravatii
a river of grass? Just read Mr. Chandra's post on vetir etc., = grass.
May be like pATali bush(putar/putal) => pATaliputra,
vetir => vetravatii. Even Sanskrit recognised this phenomenon
of naming rivers/places after plants: aan2porunai river in Tiruchy
district passes via Karur where most Roman coins have been found.
aan2porunai is (incorrectly) sanskritzied as aamravatii.
(rewritten in tamil as aampiravati/amaraavati).

I am sure when Sanskritists search the topo-/hydronymy of India
well, many plant names show up.

>  [...] (vide Talageri et al.),

There is a famous tAlagirIzvara temple on a hill top near
the river S. peNNai in S. Arcot district (N. PeNNAr flows
in Nellore). PeNNai is widely attested as palm tree in CT.
This 7th century Pallavan temple has a beautiful
painting of Parvati. This Pallavan pg. is given (for eg.,)
in B. Gray, Indian painting.


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