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As so often people hit on the same solution (Lueders!) at the same time: so
far missing, thus:

Brown, N. W. 1940. The basis for the Hindu Act of Truth, Review of
Religions 5, 36-45.

_____. 1941. The Hindu Act of Truth, Religious Digest 12.64, 23-25

_____. 1963: Rg Veda 10.34 as an Act of Truth, Bharatiya Vidya 20-21, 8-10.

_____. 1968. The Metaphysics of the Truth Act (*Satyakriya), Melanges
d'Indianisme a la memoire de L. Renou, Paris 171-177.

Some of this  reprinted in:
_____. 1978. India and Indology. Delhi.


>Thank you very much for giving me many valuable references about
>satyavacana.  Many thanks to Mr. Justin Meiland, Yaroslav Vassilkov,
>Mahinda Palihawadana and Carlos Lopez!
>Best regards,
>Nobumi Iyanaga

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