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Sat Jun 24 20:19:32 UTC 2000

On June 24, 2000, D.N.Jha wrote:

      >Can any one tell me if SanghadAsaGaNi's VasudevahiNDI
      >(Jain Prakrit Text) has been translated

1. Donald A. Nelson, The Brhatkatha: a reconstruction from
BrhatkathaslOkasmgraha, PeruGkatai and Vasudevahimdi
PhD thesis, 1974, Univ. of Chicago.
(Don't know where Don is).

2. R. Vijayalakshmy, A study of the Perunkatai, an authentic
version of the story of Udayana. Int. Inst. of Tamil Studies, Madras, 1981

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